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Kebab King: Merivälja tee 5, along the Pirita beach, in the Rannahoone (the beach building); a 10-minute drive to the northeast of Tallinn, off the Pirita road and right next to the Flamingo nightclub; tel. 6300-934.
A perfect place if you just want a place to linger aimlessly with friends or if you want to have a satisfying meal without having to dress up for it. Kebab King is run by friendly Lebanese proprietor Joseph Abouraad, and they almost certainly make the best kebabs anywhere in the Baltic states. (They also now deliver; call the above number.) They also serve excellent hummus and falafel, Lebanese specialties made from a bean-like vegetable, which tastes more like meat. Kebab King is tight-fitting, but a sea view, candles on tables and an extremely affable staff make it uncommonly comfortable. Kebab King, situated right along Tallinn's No. 1 beach, is ideal in the summer for beach lovers. They lay out a nice beach-front bar in summertime. (See Kebab King's website, including the full menu, at